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On Saturday, August 7, a meeting was held in the province of Malaga, where an authentic caravan of different models of the Porsche brand were participating. All the owners of these vehicles were able to enjoy the picturesque routes offered by the province, as well as enjoy its gastronomy and the beauty of its landscapes..

Programmed by the Porsche Club Malaga, about twenty vehicles gathered for the entertainment and fun of its members.

We did an interview to his founder and president. He tell us more about the Club, routes and activities …..

From Porsche lover, to founder of Social Porsche Club Málaga

Let’s be direct , Sergio tell us about it ….

Sergio, tell us about you…

Where was your passion for Porsche born? Which was your first Porsche? Which is your favorite model in the brand?  Which of your cars marks something special in your life and why? Do your family and friends share this hobby with you?

My name is Sergio Plaza, born in Malaga, forty-five years old.

My passion for Porsche becomes from childhood. Wwhen I was a child I was very fond of cars but this brand, I do not know exactly why,  I’ve always apreciate very much. Ferrari or Lamborghini never caught my attention like Porsche, I don’t why, but I identify myself much more with Porsche.

My first Porsche was anecdotal:

This was a Porsche 928 model, which, I recived for Christmas present. Was an electric cable car from Rico. I talk you about times were the remote controls didn’t exist. This one was my first Porsche and that was clear for me:  I would have one of these cars in my life !

My favorite model…

My heart is a bit divided between two models, on the one hand the 911 which for everyone is the Porsche par excellence, and the Boxster model. It is not very valued by the critics, but for me it is a special car, wonderful, it has something that I would not know how to explain.

For my own emotion, two of my Porsche collection have a special signification: the Porsche 911. I always wanted to have the special Porsche’s grey color, with red interior. I’ve tried more than one time to buy one until one day, I found the opportunity and I could buy it. After many years resisting, until I finally got it ! For this reason, is a car that I appreciate so much,  I would never sale.

If my family share with me this hobby …. ?

Yes, of course, but I don’t know if I would say afortunately or unfortunately ! I’m lucky to have them with me but the misfortune to bear the costs of the 4 Porsche that we put in place every time we go on the road, hotels, ect …. (laugh)

But it is always worth it, says Sergio with a smile.

Tell us about your Club ….

When did you decide to take the step to form the Club? Is the club of members owners or lovers of the brand? What is the purpose of Social Porsche Club Malaga? How many members are you? Is the purpose of the Club recreational or lucrative? What kind of routes do you do? Do you do any international routes? Who can participate?

I decided to set the Club up in 2018, two years after after buying my first Porsche. I start  participating in other different clubs of the brand, but I could not find the philosophy I was looking for.

This is how the creator of the brand Ferdinand Porsche says, «I went out looking for the car of my dreams and as I could not find it, I made it», in this same way I decided to create a Club of members and owners of the brand in Malaga.

It is created for fun, without any profit motive, and above all under the motto of enjoying our own cars. We are currently thirty members, it is quite limited, we do not want to be a bigger Club, it is our requirement to want quality, not quantity, subscribers are drivers and family members who actively participate, especially who live and enjoy the car, the brand, the road, the pleasure of driving…..

We make routes from a simple breakfast, routes through the province, to international routes, Every weekend we organize some activity.

In the international activities, we have the SPM Morroco Miles, a route that takes place annually limited to 10 vehicles, it runs through Morocco during the first weekend of December. We do another route during the long w-e of Andalusia. We go to Portugal.

The participants have to be true lovers of the brand, people with education, looking for fun, and sharing friendship and motoring.

At all times it is very important to clarify that the routes are not races or competitions.We just want to enjoy the scenery, gastronomy and time together, members and friends.  We want to discover the best of our region, nice restaurant, some cultural discover and nice time with our beautiful cars.


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