Tony is a person involved in the world of motor racing and linked to circuits, competition mechanic, who one day decides to found Club AMG Spain.

An interesting story that our Magazine offers you. Thanks Tony.

We move in this case to the beautiful city of Barcelona, where an automotive lover lives. Tony, a singular person, who confesses to us to love the distinction of AMG, for that interesting touch, with class, that at the same time; With its sporty characteristics and luxury finishes, transmits extraordinary driving sensations. We are talking about an apparently conventional vehicle but loaded with performance and power. We are talking about a person who is passionate about the world of motors with a desire to grow in his projects.


Transforming a brand into a passion, a family, a club where we can share moments, doubts, curiosities, enjoy our cars or make raffles, stickers that identify us as well as outings with routes, and other activities that fill us.

Tony President AMG Club España



My passion for the AMG was born since I understood that they had a lot of potential in racing, either in Formula or in the GTs world series. Together with the Porsche are the ones that gave more cane and better positions obtained.

On the other hand I have always been in love with the G class, I love its mafia style, aggressive, with luxurious finishes and a powerful engine, aesthetically for me is a 10/10. It is a dream that someday I hope to have, my first AMG is a 2018 CLA 45 AMG 381hp.

I work as a racing mechanic, for two racing teams. At a formative level I am a superior technician in Automotive and competition mechanic. My job is to assist vehicles in competitions in national and international circuits. Wherever the teams go we go with them accompanying them….

CLUB AMG ESPAÑA is more than a club, it is a family.

All the members of the group live in Spain and have a Mercedes Benz with AMG engine.

I’m just a lover of the brand, of all models, both new and old as I am dedicated to this world….

I am a racing mechanic, I decided to create the AMG group in Spain, as there was none serious and active.

I was in a couple of AMG groups in Spain, when we bought our CLA 45 AMG 381, but they did not organize routes, getaways, raffles, events, merchandising, stickers…

As for the routes, right now we have not resumed due to mobility restrictions, but our intention is for two very different styles.

We are motor and speed lovers. We like to be cautious and enjoy to the maximum in circuits, where we can squeeze our AMGs to the maximum in their performance and fill us with sensations, without endangering the lives of others. On the other hand, we want to organize quieter routes already on the road, enjoying the gastronomy, good hotels, the landscapes as well as the environment, traveling throughout Spain, Andalusia, Catalonia, but we also have in mind international trips to Andorra or Portugal.

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Soon we will make a brief report on this AMG GT BLACK SERIES vehicle and its paint, considered one of the fastest vehicles in the world that can be registered.

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