My greatest passion is the involvement in personal relationships, a few minutes meeting can turn into a beautiful friendship without depending on the status.

Saud (Abathracer)

Abarthracer o Saud para los amigos, es una persona que poco a poco se esta convirtiendo en uno de los referentes de la automoción de la Costa del Sol, trabajando durante unos años en diferentes Clubs

Abarthracer or Saud for friends, is a person who is slowly becoming one of the automotive references of the Costa del Sol, working for several years in different car clubs, organizing routes, and meetings. For those who he describes as «motor burned», referring with this term, to that passion that arises in this world and unites people who love the car.

Tell us about you…

Since I was a little boy, instead of playing video games, I always had the initiative to play with cars… At Christmas, instead of asking for any kind of gifts like other children… I always wanted toy cars or car parts. Later I was able to acquire my first car; A mini Cooper John Works.

The car of my dreams; Ferraris, represent the two things that fill me: the passion for luxury cars and racing, as well as, for having part of the Italian culture, which is what I like and identify me the most.

If you ask me about the beginnings and the personal support, I have to tell you that like all families, they want the best for each of its members …

And the beginnings have been very hard because nobody thought I was going to get to where I am now… No doubt now they are very happy for the results I am getting.

My friends… They always saw that this was crazy… Only two people have fully trusted me, Miguel Zambrana and Jean Michel.

I have always been passionate about cars.

I have a strange mix; I like the Racing style and racing, as well as the luxury automotive events…

Normally these are things difficult to find in the same person…

But through this very special mix, I created a content that I was providing during these last three years, my Instagram profile took a volume of interaction that even I didn’t expect.

I don’t consider myself an Influencer or anything like that. I’m just passionate about cars and I like to share my passion with other people.

I was part of the board of directors of the Marbella Abarth Club.

Then the president of the club Abarth Costa del Sol.

Last year together with a friend of mine we made a small group of routes called adult toy.

Right now I am the director and manager of Gentleman Driving Club in Marbella.


It’s me in its maximum expression reflected in a car. Looking for something impossible to do to make it a reality.

It was a challenge to acquire the «Barbie’s» car and turn it into a race car.

I’ve been doing preparations for five years, and I think I will continue on this path.

What I like most is its interior.

And the Racing aspect it has, on a base almost impossible to prepare, being its shape an «egg».

Bringing out its full potential… is not an easy task, like everything I set out to do in life!

I think that challenges are something that fills me up.

My greatest passion is the involvement I dedicate to personal relationships. I think it is my greatest gift…

I turn a small meeting into a long-lasting friendship relationship… Through that, it becomes a relationship of friendship and trust…

My goal has always been and always will be the passion for cars, never look at the person you are or what you have, so zero economic interests.

In the area where I move, I think they value it very much because unfortunately most of the human being is moved by economic interests.

Without a doubt I like to work and earn money by

I think that challenges are something that fills me up.

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