Report Mercedes Benz design evolution

From Gullwing 1954, to AMG GT Back Series 2021.

In this article, we come loaded with art.

We talk about two of the most interesting models of the Mercedes brand; SL 300 of 1954, and the new GT AMG Black Series.

We make the comparison on design lines over the years.

Presentation of the last two oil paintings made with the original vehicles.



As we are talking about culture and we want to promote the knowledge of the automotive world, first of all we are going to introduce the brand: Mercedes Benz.

The brand develops all kinds of vehicles, sports cars, sedans, compact cars….. It also has a wide range of Trucks, Buses and Coaches….. It is because of its diversity and quality that it is positioned as the best-selling luxury car brand in the world.

How was Mercedes Benz born?

Its beginnings date back to the year 1800, Karl Benz, was a German engineer, who manufactured engines for machinery. He founded his own company Benz & CO and developed a first vehicle in 1885 that moved thanks to an internal combustion engine, patented in 1886 (a very important fact, since it was the first automobile in history) called BENZ PATENT-MOTORWAGEN.

His wife Berta Benz played a very important role. A connoisseur of engineering, she was the one who financed this enterprise, being the first woman to be able to travel 200 miles in an automobile.

The engineer Gottlieb Daimler was an engine engineer and there he met Wilhelm Maybach. Together they founded the DAIMLER company and developed a small engine that they fused to a bicycle. That was the first motorcycle in history, DAIMLER REITWAGEN.

They met the businessman Emil Jelline who was amazed by their vehicles. Requesting the creation of a more powerful model for a race, of which he would finance the development, he did so on the condition that the model would bear the name of his daughter Mercedes.

He won the race with the Mercedes 35 model, thus becoming the main investor in the brand, and even began to market it in other countries. In gratitude Daimler and Maybach changed the name of the company from Daimler to Mercedes.

During the First World War Mercedes and Benz, were bankrupt, so they decided to merge in 1926, giving rise to Mercedes Benz, bringing the best of each company, which is an important development and evolution, which will lead us to what we know of the brand today.

MERCEDES 300 SL «Alas de Gaviota»

Mercedes 300SL


Existed in 1952 in Mercedes Benz, a very successful carreas car, the W194, U.S. importers, convinced the brand to manufacture one of these street cars, which could circulate in the New York show in 1954, presented this model SL300, competing with the Lamborghini Miura for being the first street super sports car in automotive history.



AMG GT Black Series

AND NOW? 2020-2021

So seven years after the last Black Series, Mercedes-AMG has resumed this peculiar family with the super sports car of its range, the GT, which now also receives the famous surname, which has only been assigned to 6 models throughout history, being a sign of the exclusivity and sportiness of the model, thus gaining importance for collectors.

This vehicle is considered the most extreme super sports car, from the Affalterbach firm, presented in 2020, This Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series hides a 4.0 liter V8 engine, biturbo, with a power of 730 hp, enough to ensure a 0 to 100 km/h in 3.2 seconds and a top speed of 325 km/h.



1954 – 2021


We begin by observing the outer cube that defines the proportions in relation to the cabin and we can see the great similarity between the two vehicles, the length of the hood, almost 2/3 of the proportion, is a feature that certainly makes us understand that both models follow the same design pattern.

At the front of both vehicles, there is ambition to make a large entrance in the lower grille that cools the engine well, giving personality to this model, this is always crowned with the insignia of the brand, between the two models we can see how the evolution widens the opening, and replaces the chrome bumper so aesthetic SL300 in a carbon adjustable spoiler with a functional purpose in the Black Series model.

On the side remains virtually intact the proportion of both models, but with a large variant in the elements, in the Sl300, there is a grille with chrome finishes designed to help cooling, and two moldings that give personality to this model located on the passes of ruega longitudinally, whose purpose is to avoid splashes in wet terrain.

In the Black series appears the development of more functional lines and finished in carbon spoiler, on a body in two heights, after the front wheel arch, adjusting the ground clearance and exaggerating the curves in the fins of the rear axle.

Undoubtedly the rear is the most modified, from the rounded lines with the aesthetic elegance of the chrome lettering of the Mercedes SL300, to the more technological and functionalist finish of the Mercedes AMG, with a large spoiler pioneer in the development of current engineering made by Tesla.

And now a little bit of art…



Over the past month two oil paintings have been completed, featuring the original 1054 Mercedes SL 300 vehicles and the Mercedes AMG GT Black Series 2020, both of which are:

The first super sports street car in history, and the current more limited edition successor.

A before and after reflected in two pictures of 120×90 centimeters approximately.

Our goal from «TU LEYENDA» is the creation of automotive culture, art and knowledge related to the motor world.

We seek to create art with content that expresses, shows and fills us with knowledge. A closer work always hand in hand with the owners, whom we have to thank for their collaboration in the development of our project.

Humanistic and artistic values, together with great jewels of the automotive history.

Let’s go….. Behind the legends

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