ANIVERSARY Scuderia Ferrari Club Sevilla

Report on the II Anniversary of Scuderia Ferrari Club Seville

Today in Tu Leyenda Magazine, we have a guest who, from the beginning, has had a special relationship with us. He received us in Seville for a meeting, with great kindness and an unexpected gift from the club: the Ferrari watch.

I must admit that I was very excited about the detail, and that in this club, I feel welcome, so, without further introductions, I will introduce you;

Good afternoon, tell us; who are you and where does your hobby come from?



My name is José Manuel and I preside the Scuderia Ferrari Club Sevilla, a club that represents the love for motoring and motoring in all its variants.

I remember that my love for cars began at an early age, I was only 3-4 years old when I wanted to have small toys of those same cars that attracted me.

From that period of childhood and youth there were two models that stood out and for which I felt special attraction: the Lancia Delta Competition and the Lamborghini Diablo.

My love and passion for Ferrari also began very early. Already at the age of 8 years old I tried to follow the Formula 1 races in any way I could, always looking for the red car with which I identified myself, which I felt as something of my own and which also bears my name.

My love for Ferrari was born in the races, in the passion for speed, at a time when the Cavallino was not going through its best moments but the echoes of its myth and past legends resounded.

Tell us; what is your favorite Ferrari and how far does your passion go?

Little by little I would also become interested in their street jewels, among which it would be very difficult for me to choose just one, having a special predilection for the most classic ones, but I would highlight the 288 GTO as my favorite and iconic Ferrari.

This love for racing and street cars will reach a point where you want to go a step further and want a personal contact with the world of competition, the Scuderia, its cars and its history.

The first step is to look for people with the same passion and feeling for this brand, so you can create a group and why not a Club.

 ¿When did you take the step and decide to form Scuderia Ferrari Sevilla Club?

This is how in the years 2009-2011, among a group of friends, without having reference that in Spain and Andalusia there is nothing similar, an Association is formed whose main voice and representation is in a social network.

From this appearance we began to find other groups and similar references and various contacts that lead us to an Official Club already established in 2013, in which we personally decided to join outside our Association.

In a process that takes us about 4 years, learning and getting to know the structures and organization, will end up being born, taking as a basis our old Association, our own Official Club: the Scuderia Ferrari Club Sevilla.

What are the benefits of the Club?

The benefits and advantages are multiple, differentiating on the one hand the generic benefits offered by the brand, ranging from visits to the factory and museums in Maranello and Modena, discounts at the FerrariStore, free attendance at events such as Ferrari Challenge and Finali Mondiali, etc … from the particular benefits offered exclusively by the Scuderia Ferrari Club Sevilla.

Thanks to agreements with service providers and collaborators such as repair shops, artists, restaurants, tourist and travel offers, motor magazines, insurance companies, karting circuits, courier services, etc. …., as well as our own events and those of other entities, fairs, exhibitions, routes and rallies, there are many advantages and benefits that our members can enjoy.

The socialization and the special bonds of friendship among our members allow us to become a real family based on the Passion for the engine, the Passion for Ferrari.

As every Official Club, our main purpose is to promote and to take the Work, Myth and Legend of Ferrari, the Scuderia and its founder Enzo Ferrari, mainly by every corner of the Sevillian geography and its neighboring provinces, although we do not discard those points of Spain with followers that show a special interest for our Club and our way of doing things and living the Passion.

Who is this Official Club for?

A Scuderia Ferrari Club is above all a club created for the Tifosis, for the lovers of the competition, of the engine, of the Scuderia Ferrari, and followers of the brand in general, of its history, legend and myth. Seville includes lovers, enthusiasts of all kinds of motor and competition, even followers of other brands that see in our club a valid way to live and express the passion for motor and motoring in general.

Scuderia Ferrari Club Sevilla can be joined and associated to all those passionate about motor and motoring, competition and Formula 1, without any requirement or special condition.

Being essentially a club created for the Tifosis and followers, it is not necessary to own a Ferrari car to be part of it, but neither are excluded those owners who wish to join our Passion.


We also talked…


It has been a difficult year, what future projects do you have?

So we set our sights more on the immediate future, in 2022, trying to close this year 2021 with a couple of exhibitions with our partners with a date yet to be determined. A 2022 that will bring us new opportunities to fully carry out activities and events, such as the Sevilla Classic Gas in March, without ruling out an activity prior to this in the form of route or concentration and some visit that we have pending with our many friends in Marbella.

Finally, tell us about the anniversary…..

This year, next September 20, our young club celebrates its II Anniversary, as an official club of Scuderia Ferrari, and for this event we held during the month of August a contest of amateur painting, for the design of the poster of celebration.

This anniversary represents the struggle against adversity, having been born as a Club in a not very proper and unfavorable time, which has forced us to work hard and despite this to have grown and improved in 2020 compared to 2019 and 2021 compared to 2020.

All this demonstrates to our understanding the capacity and strength of a young club, thanks to constant work and the strong commitment of its older members creating links that go beyond and above the circumstances.

A different, friendly club that welcomes all followers, with new ideas and creating a framework of friendship that is giving us great popularity both in the networks and in our city. Loyal members, who are faithful to the club and who are not afraid of adversities and mistakes, with a passion that does not wane, worthy of true Ferrari Tifosis, and who make the existence of the Club possible.

Our goal is, therefore, to establish ourselves as a Club of reference in our territorial area, to become a referent of ferrarism in general lines with the passing of the years.

Always with your support and that of our followers.

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